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We, the junge tafelrunde, are the new and certainly somewhat unique men’s choir from Basle. Everyone who appreciates joint singing and camaraderie with people of the same age and interests has a place at our well-set table. Young men in the age between 20 and 39 are warmly welcome to join us on a journey through 1000 years of men’s choral singing. Here the Gregorian chant, folk songs from the Middle Ages, baroque madrigal, romantic and barber shop songs as well as the jazz arrangements as well as pop songs are treated as equally important. Those who already have  choral experience or otherwise have the ability to consciously train their own voice are coming to the right place. In our rehearsals, we also leave room for unconventional approaches to choral singing, such as improvisation and choreography. We consider our choir to be a respite from the stressful daily routine and offer young and young-at-heart singers a safe haven for relaxation, fellowship and joy. We wish to create a flexible ensemble which can sing all forms, all literature, regardless of the age, style or language, credibly and with virtuosity. Slavic and Nordic folk songs are as actively maintained as our stock of today’s songs; South American rhythms become one with sounds from the Far East;  the classics meet jazz. Young composers from the region should also be given a platform to express their conceptions of contemporary men’s choral music and make them accessible to a wide audience. The  junge tafelrunde will perform a full evening concert every year. In between, the idea is to participate in festivals or benefit events and to provide dulcet tones to the Basle pedestrian areas. Striking the balance between just “singing from the diaphragm” and consciously training the voice for the benefit of achieving the highest level of virtuosity is one of the core interests of the junge tafelrunde.

The junge tafelrunde is a project of the  Basler Liedertafel


Philippe Rayot – Dirigent

Philippe Rayot – Conductor


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